Exhibition title: My Journey on the Planet "Us" 

Natalie Smith Bio: I am a local artist living in Coral Springs.  The Bright Side: I grew up on a hilltop in western Pennsylvania where everyone in the neighborhood was related throughout many generations.  It was a cornucopia of vegetable gardens, orchards, and farms.  Throughout my childhood, no one ever said anything about color, race, or nationality. There were just people. 

The Dark Side: As a child, though the countryside provided comfort, there was violence and drunkenness in the home. I knew no parental love except for my grandmother who lived 3 doors down. Living in desperation was most difficult because no one ever said a word about God, prayer, having friends over, etc. There was no hope, and my inner world was black until when at age 17 a high school friend said the name “Jesus”.

From age 18-36. From ages 25-36, I went door to door spreading the gospel. I also preached to high school students and adults in the streets, I cooked, cleaned, and cared for the children of mothers who were sick or dying at no charge, and worked in the church nursery. At age 36, I had an experience of Jesus in the Eucharist and immediately became Catholic. At 38 years old, I founded the Lay Cistercians of South Florida. In 2001, at age 40, I founded Vocations Placement, a nonprofit, helping Catholic men and women become monks, nuns, and priests which is still active today.  Approximately 1900 men and women to date have reported applying/entering thus far.

I created this art exhibition over 2 decades to bring my inner experience of reality out into the visible world. Through challenges, cancer, and hardships, this exhibition reminded me that we live in a world overflowing with love. I hope it encourages others.

The Exhibition consists of over 80 paintings which can be seen at www.nataliesmithart.com The exhibition appeared twice at: North Broward College, some paintings appeared at local art galleries, and the Coral Springs Museum. It is available to exhibit anytime in part or full when there is space available.

I am also available for talks. I have appeared in major publications, international television, and radio in connection with my ministry. Exhibition title: Journey on the Planet "Us"