A Journey on the Planet "Us" 

 Natalie Smith Bio: I grew up on a hilltop in western Pennsylvania where everyone in the neighborhood was related throughout many generations.  It was a cornucopia of vegetable gardens, orchards, and farms.  The men on the hill were skilled laborers, roofers, mechanics, electricians. Throughout my childhood, no one ever said anything about color, race, or nationality. There were just people. 
From the edge of my backyard, from an almost heavenly vantage point, I could see the jail in the valley below. I  had gone there on a second grade field trip where the stark reality of humans in cages was introduced. Nearby was a poor house where the homeless or the difficult were sent. Their final destiny was an overgrown graveyard, celebrated with only a number marker, no name.   

The hilltop was its own planet of simple living. Always thankful for labor and harvest, always mindful of the needs of the suffering. I want to share my experience with you. And I want everyone to know that my perception of life is that we are all one of  "us". 

Email: Godisjoy67@gmail.com